TeamExtreme Public Map Downloads
To run the maps below, I recommend using Spigot server (included). You can also use plain minecraft, details below. In I have included a basic Spigot 1.12.2 server, with fire-spread off (worldguard), Essentials, WorldEdit and Multiverse. It will run on windows (Launch it using included BukkitGUI) or linux. Connect to it with address: localhost Some basic commands: /op NAME <- start here /gmc /gms /gm 3 (noclip) /mv list /mvimport Build2 normal /mt WORLD /setwarp /warp /tppos 123 90 123 /fly /speed 8 /god Right click a compass to go thru a wall (worldedit feature). For Spigot minecraft server, unzip each map zip into a folder of the same name as the zip, inside Spigot main folder. If you have the Multiverse plugin, you can add lots of world folders into the same Spigot. For a Minecraft client (1.10+), go to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves Single realm worlds: Just make a new folder in "saves" and unzip to it. Worlds with nether are a little more difficult: I am using Raidlands as an example. Make a folder "TE Raidlands". Unzip into it. Then unzip Raidlands_the_end and Raidlands_nether to that same folder, overwriting all duplicates. In your minecraft client, you will be in survival with no cheats. To fix that, see how-to-switch-a-minecraft-world-from-survival-to-creative-to-hardcore TEwall.schematic: Put in SpigotServer/plugins/WorldEdit/schematics. Load it with //schem load TEwall Then, in Build4, /tppos 2595 68 1797 and type //paste -o   11/6/2018 1,971,799,235   11/6/2018 1,846,725,263   11/6/2018 1,919,039,793   11/11/2018 3,156,916,832   11/6/2018 19,484,440   11/6/2018 14,870,001   11/6/2018 112,548,861   11/6/2018 186,352,845   11/6/2018 13,179,488   11/6/2018 19,249,909   11/6/2018 129,232,690   11/6/2018 48,808,758   11/10/2018 46,511,340   11/6/2018 1,825,726,626   11/6/2018 71,581,792
TEwall.schematic   11/11/2018 14,267   11/6/2018 2,941,610,490
warps.html   11/11/2018 1,064,671